Two Rivers Housing

Demand for affordable homes seriously outstrips supply. People often find themselves increasingly priced out of the opportunity to buy, and become more dependent upon renting.

This is where Two Rivers Housing comes in – a Gloucestershire housing association established in 2003 when it took on the properties previously owned and managed by Forest of Dean District Council.

Since then it has invested heavily in improving existing homes and building hundreds of new ones for rent and Shared Ownership. The investment continues, with an extra 300 new homes scheduled to be built before 2020.

Two Rivers also takes its wider social responsibilities very seriously by investing in community initiatives that bring neighbourhoods together, and promoting sustainability and energy-efficiency through its own building and maintenance programme.

The majority of Two Rivers’ income comes from rent payments, topped up by Government grants. However, reduced central funding means there is less money available to improve existing housing stock and build new homes to meet growing demand.

Centigen Facilities Management was created to provide quality, professional facilities management services, based on sound and ethical principles, to generate additional funds that would allow Two Rivers to continue providing homes for those who need them, into the future.

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